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Dino 420-A


Model: Dino 420-A
Dimension: 1980mm (L) x 1480mm (W) x 1840mm (H)
Voltage: 220V/38OV , 60/50Hz
Power: 3.75 kw
Capacity: 15-40 pcs/min
Speed: 38/60Hz , 32/50Hz
Weight: 550 KG


* Bandsaw. Firmly stable, durable and can work long time.
* Ensure the hygiene of the meat and the smoothness of the cutting surface.
* Designed to be waterproof. (Motor IP55; Servo Motor IP65)
* Be able to cut a large variety of frozen meat, lamb chop, steak and fish.
* Intelligent user interface.
* Be able to memorize 5 sets of settings.
* Using servo motors to feed materials, high accuracy.

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